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Frank Schaeffer is “Crazy for God”

In the latest Point of Inquiry, Frank Schaeffer talks about how his father started the Religious Right movement and how it “hijacked” the Republican Party from the late 1970’s to the present.  He also explains how the latest rhetoric about … Continue reading

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Peter Singer on Charities

I got this on my philosophy calendar: [Peter Singer] poses a deal to earn money to buy a new TV by “selling” a homeless child to a corporation that will harvest his organs for transplants.  Way bad, we agree.  But, … Continue reading

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The Known Universe

Simply Amazing.  The Known Universe zooms out from Tibet to the limits of the observable universe.  Better yet, watch it full-screen in HD. What’s even more amazing is that everything is in scale unlike other models that shown previously.  Thus, … Continue reading

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Some Solutions to the Global Warming Crisis

This is an interesting Pascal’s Wager type of bet.  So instead of saying if Global Warming is true or not, he’s saying let’s make a bet on how we should act.  In fact, the truth about Global Warming becomes moot.  … Continue reading

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Brain Rules!!

If you go here, you can check out some brain rules.  I’ve read the book and it’s a very fast read.  I’ll also include it on my blogroll. The point behind all this is that we have an idea how … Continue reading

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The Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinkers

Here. I’ll have to look some of them up.

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