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Homeless People: Solved

An interesting article about solving the homeless problem: give them money.  It turns out that it’s more economically efficient than the state spending money: One asked for a new pair of trainers and a television; another for a caravan on … Continue reading

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A Libertarian Argument Against the Judges Finding Obamacare Unconstitutional

Steven Landsburg has made an argument showing that even though libertarians are against Obamacare, one should still have reservations for the judges to find it unconstitutional.  Why is that?  Because even though mandatory healthcare could be considered constitutional by the … Continue reading

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Argument about Violent Rhetoric Leading to Violent Action

All forms of violent rhetoric leads to or causes violent actions. All violent actions are wrong and they should be prevented. Violent political rhetoric (e.g. putting crosshairs on a map) lead to the assassination attempt in Arizona. Violent music (e.g. … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned this Past Year — 2009 Edition

Instead of doing New Years Resolutions, I’ve decided to look in the past and see how I’ve learned.  To me, if one hasn’t learned things within the past year, then it’s as if one hasn’t gained wisdom.  And if that’s … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

Recall Hurricane Katrina.  It was a disastrous moment that put people into shock.  Everyone was disoriented and confused in that situation.  But now imagine someone having the idea that this is the perfect opportunity to implement a new system.  Now … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

When I teach political philosophy, I usually include some test online to determine where one fits politically in America.  In the end, a student wanted to thank me for providing that test because she can now get more involved politically … Continue reading

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Reparations for Slavery

This is posted at PEA Soup (a site dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and academia).  I will just present the argument here but if read the rest of the comments on the site, it’s interesting what the replies have been towards … Continue reading

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Banning Trans Fats in California

Last Friday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill to make California the first state to ban trans fats from all restaurants and bakeries.  This would affect about 88,000 food outlets.  Last October, he also signed a bill banning trans fats … Continue reading

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