Media Appearances

This page is dedicated to time I’ve been in the media. These include magazine articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

  • Sexual Craftsmanship. I discuss the power of sexual autonomy with Sarah Martin on her podcast. We also discuss sex education, gender roles in sexual consent, various views of sexual autonomy, and positive masculinity.
  • Queer Majority. I discuss my typical day as a researcher in the philosophy of sex and love.
  • The Atlantic. Brian Earp asks me about an article that looks at people stigmatizing sexual activities.
  • Birds and Bees Podcast. I talk about sexual resiliency and how to develop it at a young age.
  • Stoicism and the Workplace. During Stoic Week 2017, the MKE Stoic Fellowship hosted this panel discussion with three of its members – Gregory Sadler, Shaun Miller, and Andi Sciacca – opening the event up to the general public. The theme for discussion was common challenges and problems in the contemporary workplace, and how Stoic philosophy and practices can be used to deal with those matters.
  • Ideas that Matter. I talk with Dr. Gregory Sadler about my work in the philosophy of sex education and discuss consent, abstinence-only, and other ethical frameworks in sex education.

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