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Newsbits: 10/31/2010

An interesting article about how the latest Arizona Immigration bill was helped by prison economics. Philosopher Jean Kazez writes about the aesthetics of Eminem’s lyrics and how it is poetry. A great speech by emphasizing reason instead of rhetoric. I … Continue reading

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An Argument Against Pennies

Wanna save the taxpayer some money?  Watch below: Seems to make “cents.”  Sorry, couldn’t help it. It may go against common sense, but remember, reason is sometimes opposed to common sense.

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Awesomeness is Everywhere

If you’re feeling down, just go here.  It’s a site about how even the little things that we take for granted are actually pretty awesome.  My day is getting better all the time.

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Learned Helplessness: Why People Won’t Work Because They’re Lazy Isn’t Always the Correct Answer

Think about this: people generally don’t avoid work. Let’s be serious.  Consider this question and answer it honestly: suppose someone offers to support you all your life, but only on one condition: you can never do any productive work.  You’ll … Continue reading

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