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The Ethics of Recognizing Sexiness Part One

Suppose someone said to you, “you are sexy.” How would you respond? It obviously depends on the context, but let me offer two possibilities.  On the one hand, you might experience something negative simply because you are seen as an … Continue reading

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Explaining CRISPR

First, let’s get an understanding of what CRISPR is. In an extremely oversimplification, CRISPR is an editing tool where a genetic engineer can cut and edit out parts of DNA—usually unhealthy bits—and replace them with benign parts. It has the … Continue reading

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Sexual Desires, Mind-Body Dualism, and Somatic Practices

This is a somewhat lengthy post. You can read to tl;dr summary if you scroll toward the bottom. In Ann J. Cahill’s article, “Sexual Desire, Inequality, and Transformation,” she argues for an ethical transformation so that your sexual desires do not … Continue reading

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history of the entire world, i guess

This entertaining video of the history of the world is remarkable. It starts from the big bang all the way up to current times. I’ve learned a lot and the way the narrator presents the facts in fast details really … Continue reading

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