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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 11/27/2011

This is a late post.  Usually I try to post something at least once a week, but school has been catching up to me and I’ve been busy.  We’ll see if the holidays and school will keep me busier. Art … Continue reading

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Individual Houses Make Their Own Levees

The title says it all.  You can check out this gallery to see individual houses with their own levees.  Pretty cool!

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Argument about Violent Rhetoric Leading to Violent Action

All forms of violent rhetoric leads to or causes violent actions. All violent actions are wrong and they should be prevented. Violent political rhetoric (e.g. putting crosshairs on a map) lead to the assassination attempt in Arizona. Violent music (e.g. … Continue reading

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Movies for each state

An interesting view of how each state has been represented in movies.  You can the whole thing here.

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Van Gogh Did NOT Cut Off His Own Ear

Apparently, fellow artist Paul Gauguin did.  In the latest art news, there was a dual and Gauguin, who was an expert fencer cut off the ear. But in order to protect Gauguin, they both agreed to tell the police that … Continue reading

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My most Influential Philosophers

I wanted to get a clear view of what philosophers have influenced me the most.  What ideas do I take, and how have they affected me in my life?  Here they are in order: 1.  Arthur Schopenhauer.  He was known … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of the Rejuvenated Artist and Art

Everyone recognizes this portrait.  It is over 500 years old!  Leonardo Da Vinci painted it and it now hangs at the Louvre in Paris.  One of the unfortunate aspects of its age is that it’s slowly deteriorating.  The humidity, age, … Continue reading

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Art and Wonder

It’s a beautiful waterfall in Hawaii. I went there for vacation last week and I saw some amazing waterfalls, lakes, the beach, the ocean, and other great pleasures. Throughout the trip, I learned a little about the history of Hawaii … Continue reading

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Professionals vs. Kitch

I met someone new recently.  As with any new people, you ask him/her questions to get to know the person.  So I asked him, “what are you planning to do for a career?”  He said that he was aspiring to … Continue reading

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