Book Review: Polyamory The New Love Without Limits by Deborah Anapol

Blah, blah, blah.  I was kind of excited to read this book to know more about the polyamorous lifestyle.  I was kind of disappointed though because the material seemed to be common sense for someone who wants this type of lifestyle: overcome jealousy, get involved with people that you feel like you can get involved with, and don’t get involved with people you don’t like.  Seriously?  That’s the advice?

The other part of the book mentions about attending workshops to help you and your loved one(s) to living this lifestyle.  I looked at her website and it’s pricey.  This book felt like it was part weak advice and part brochure to her workshops.  I felt cheated.

To be fair, there have been many other books about polyamory that have been updated lately.  This particular book was written in 1997 so it’s somewhat outdated.  It barely mentions the internet, and it talks about contacting groups using mailing posts or pen pals to set up your own polyamorous family.

My recommendation is that if you want to research this, find some places online.  A good place is here and then from there, you can find other links about the lifestyle.

I wouldn’t waste your time on this book however.  Go somewhere else to learn about polyamory.

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I have just completed a visiting position as an assistant professor at Dalhousie University. My ideas are not associated with my employer; they are expressions of my own thoughts and ideas. Some of them are just musings while others could be serious discussions that could turn into a bigger project. Besides philosophy, I enjoy martial arts (Kuk Sool Won), playing my violin, enjoying coffee around town, and experimenting with new food.
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4 Responses to Book Review: Polyamory The New Love Without Limits by Deborah Anapol

  1. Killer J says:

    Blah Blah Blah is right, man. Forget that namby pamby “let go of your self serving emotions” drivel.
    My advice for polyamory involves four obtainable ingredients:
    1) Attractive, outgoing people.
    2) Trance music
    3) A proprietary blend of Ecstasy, Rohypnol, and Levitra.
    4) An Orchestrator.

    Think about this: We’re there man!
    Our friends and wives/girlfriends are all fairly attractive so check off number 1. Our Romanian buddy can easily take care of 2. Between your sister’s prescription writing ability and my occupation’s intimate connection with the criminal underworld, 3 is a snap. You are the expert on this stuff, so number 4 falls in your lap… so to speak.

    Happy New Year!

  2. shaunmiller says:

    So what you’re saying is that we should all get on that Trading Spouses show. . . I can dig it.

  3. Julie says:

    What does the picture look like to you?

  4. shaunmiller says:

    What do you think it looks like?

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