Stem Cells are Closer to Curing Deafness

You can check it out here. From the article:

Their discovery could ultimately help those who have lost hair cells through noise damage and some people born with inherited hearing problems.

But any cure is still some years away, experts told the journal Stem Cell.

Of course, it still brings up the ethical question of using embroyonic stem cells.

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I am a Ph. D student at Marquette University. The primary purpose of this blog is to get my ideas out there, and then have other people scrutinize, critique, build upon, and systematize beliefs. This blog will sometimes pertain to what I'm learning in my classes, but it will occasionally deal with non-classroom issues that I'm thinking about as well.
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3 Responses to Stem Cells are Closer to Curing Deafness

  1. thekillerj says:

    I hear they don’t need to use embryonic stem cells anymore. The ones from adults do just fine according to some researchers. I hope it’s true.

  2. shaunmiller says:

    As do I. I have problems with Obama’s view of embryonic stem cells, but maybe that will be another post.

  3. neuro says:

    I think you are doing human trials, at least with children (see the web cordbloodregistry –>> ).
    In this blog you can also stay informed on human trials.

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