Finally, a Expert on Economics

And he’s against the Obama plan about the bailouts.  And his name is Paul Krugman.  You can see his economic blog here. Lately in the news, you always hear Democrats or Republicans saying that this bailout plan is either a good or a bad plan.  The problem is that they’re biased.  Of course they’re going to say it’s good or bad because it’s all part of party politics.  Not Krugman.  He’s part of the anti-establishment.  He’s an expert at economics: taught at Princton University, received the Nobel Prize in Economics last October, I’d say he knows his stuff and the Obama team better listen to him.  He has been critical of both the Bush Administration and Obama’s.  You can see it here:

Or you can read about him in this weeks Newsweek. Here’s someone who falls in the liberal camp, but critiques what the liberals are doing in the economy.  It’s daring, it’s bold, I like it.

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I am a Ph. D student at Marquette University. The primary purpose of this blog is to get my ideas out there, and then have other people scrutinize, critique, build upon, and systematize beliefs. This blog will sometimes pertain to what I'm learning in my classes, but it will occasionally deal with non-classroom issues that I'm thinking about as well.
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