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Movie Break

I needed a break so I found some interesting stuff. This kid is an extra from pretty much everything: All I can say is he must have a really impressive resume, but I wonder if he’ll actually star as a … Continue reading

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Exoskeleton to Help Carry 200 lbs. and Paralyzed People Walk Again

Simply Amazing:

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Bleeding Heart Libertarian Posts

I’ve been reading some posts from Bleeding Heart Libertarian that I mentioned a while ago.  Some of it’s pretty good.  I’ll mark off the ones that I found excellent: Dealing with Immigration, they point out the immigration is actually good … Continue reading

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What Happens when an Entire Country Legalizes Drugs?

Things actually get better. As the article itself suggests: Life in Casal Ventoso, Lisbon’s troubled neighborhood, has improved. And new research, published in the British Journal of Criminology, documents just how much things have changed in Portugal. Coauthors Caitlin Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Klein’s Shock Doctrine in Wisconsin?

Paul Krugman’s opinion piece remarks how Klein’s book, The Shock Doctrine, is being applied in Wisconsin.  As Krugman puts it, The story of the privatization-obsessed Coalition Provisional Authority was the centerpiece of Naomi Klein’s best-selling book “The Shock Doctrine,” which … Continue reading

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New Libertarian Blog

There’s a new libertarian blog for academics that are interested in libertarianism and social and distributive justice.  Check it out here.  (H/T to Greg)

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Homeless People: Solved

An interesting article about solving the homeless problem: give them money.  It turns out that it’s more economically efficient than the state spending money: One asked for a new pair of trainers and a television; another for a caravan on … Continue reading

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