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Keynes vs. Hayek, Part II

The fight continues: I really enjoyed how they explained how one’s top-down while the other’s bottom-up.  To see part one, go here. To get yourself more educated on these two opposing economists, there’s a list that’s supplied by which I’ll … Continue reading

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New Charts on Sexual Attitudes (4/21/2011) has some interesting charts on sexual attitudes.  It almost has a Freakonomics feel to it where two unrelated categories are all of the sudden related.  Some of it is fascinating, but others really make you scratch your head.  I’ll … Continue reading

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A Conversation with a Climate-Change Sceptic

There’s a interesting email exchange between Steve Connor and Freeman Dyson.  Dyson is a world-renown physicist and he rejects climate change.  Unfortunately, he ends the conversation too soon.  It’s as if he’s the interlocutor of Plato’s dialogues.  He does talk … Continue reading

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Hipster Philosophy

Sometimes, I agree with you Monsieur Gaston. Other times, I prefer Sartre.

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New Book Out

I’ve written my Master’s Thesis entitled “The Problem of Love from Sartre and Beauvoir to Irigaray.”   I was really proud of it, but over time, I have changed my mind.  At any rate, I have it published if any … Continue reading

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Wanna Find the Love of Your Life?

Heh.  Don’t come to me first of all.  But secondly, there’s a mathematical way to do so: Yeah, I’ll let you read it so you know what the variables stand for.  Looks like Aristophanes would be proud.

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