Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Dec. 24, 2014)


  • Here’s an artist’s rendition of how our culture has been consumed by technology and materialism.  Note: although they are SFW, they are very edgy.



  • When there’s a trust violation in relationships, women are more likely than men to rebuild trust and not lose it.  Why?  She has greater relational investment.  Hmm…I’m wondering if this is through nature or through cultural upbringing.


  • I’ve mentioned many studies why sitting for too long is unhealthy.  Here’s a nice YouTube clip explaining why: 


  • For the past two weeks, I’ve been blogging about how my friend and colleague, Cheryl Abbate has been smeared by John McAdams.  McAdams is now suspended with pay.  He is relieved of his teaching and faculty duties.


  • A study reveals that those who eat meat, don’t care about the ethics of eating meat, enjoy masculinity and don’t care about equality are more likely to consume meat.  Moreover, they are more likely to display levels of authoritarianism and social dominance.


  • Roderick Long offers three thought experiments to show that reverse racism is real, but it’s not as serious as we may thing.  I find it more interesting that there are two definitions of “racism.”
  • Comedian Chris Rock has an essay about Hollywood’s race problem.  Some of the thoughts meander, but he makes some striking points.


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I am a Ph. D student at Marquette University. The primary purpose of this blog is to get my ideas out there, and then have other people scrutinize, critique, build upon, and systematize beliefs. This blog will sometimes pertain to what I'm learning in my classes, but it will occasionally deal with non-classroom issues that I'm thinking about as well.
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