Let’s See What’s in the News Today (May 31, 2015)



  • There’s an app where you can walk someone else’s dog and get paid for it.



  • A very sad, yet telling story of a woman who found out she will acquire Alzheimers, and her decision to end her life before the disease overtakes her.  Just imagine this: “a mind that could be so alive one moment with thought and feeling building toward a next step and then someone erases the blackboard. It’s all gone and I can’t even reconstruct what the topic was. It’s just gone. And I sit with the dark, the blank.”



  • How do meat eaters justify their meat consumption?  Through 4Ns: It’s natural, necessary, normal, and nice.  The paper also indicates that meat eaters were more tolerant of social inequalities.





  • There is an assumption that having an open marriage may be detrimental to one’s health and well-being.  This study concludes that “[p]articipation (or interest in participation), in consensual non-exclusive sexual relationship styles can be rewarding and contribute to personal health and happiness, as much as or more than monogamous marriages.”



  • A fantastic article explaining that reverse racism doesn’t exist, yet non-whites can be racist and women can be sexist.  Clue: it has to do with the difference between psychological racism and structural racism.
  • An explanation how cops can still feed into institutional racism.
  • How Thug Life leads into problems like Baltimore.
  • Impressive!  Someone made a syllabus about the Baltimore uprisings.


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