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Book Review: This Land is Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich

I just read This Land is Your Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich.  I was somewhat looking forward to it because I read another book of her’s, Nickel and Dimed.  I liked that book so I expected to like this one … Continue reading

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A Forceful Argument for a Need of Libertarian Policies

I have some reservations of it, but you can read the whole article here: Further, as Rothbard has forcefully argued, free-market capitalism serves no more than a symbolic purpose for the Republican Party and for conservatives. Economic liberty is the … Continue reading

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Religiosity in the US

In a previous post, I mentioned that most of the developed countries have seen religion as a thing of the past.  Most aren’t even religious.  The exception is the United States.  Out of all developed countries, we still have deep … Continue reading

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Is Obama a Socialist?

Answer: NO!  A real socialist answers the question and explains that Obama is just your typical neoliberal Democrat.  You can read it here. Quoting from the article: The funny thing is, of course, that socialists know that Barack Obama is … Continue reading

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