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Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage, Part Three: Should Marriage even Exist?

I have started to think about the latest SCOTUS decision regarding Obergefell v. Hodges and I’ve had three thoughts about this issue.  They aren’t conclusive, but merely a starting point to continue thinking about these issues. In part one, I looked … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 11/28/2010

Relationships and Sexuality In the Time Magazine this week, the headline cover was Who Needs Marriage? The results are quite interesting: the more educated and wealthy you are, the more likely you get married. Here are some more interesting stats … Continue reading

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Book Review: The End of Faith by Sam Harris

I have read three of the four so called “Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”  They are: Sam Harris, Daniel Dennet, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens.  I don’t plan on reading Dawkins book, at least not for a while.  From the excerpts … Continue reading

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Intelligence and Snobbery

We seem to say that being more intelligent is better.  After all, we’d rather be a society of education rather than one of ignorance.  But there’s a price with education, at least the academic kind that I’ve noticed. I think … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cultivating Humanity by Martha C. Nussbaum

Throughout the midst of the culture wars, Martha Nussbaum gives a definitive account of reforming our liberal education from a classical point of view.  She boldly, yet cautiously defends the liberal education that is desperately needed in higher education.  What … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned this Past Year — 2009 Edition

Instead of doing New Years Resolutions, I’ve decided to look in the past and see how I’ve learned.  To me, if one hasn’t learned things within the past year, then it’s as if one hasn’t gained wisdom.  And if that’s … Continue reading

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Sexist Jokes Provokes Tolerance of Violence Towards Women

In an interesting study, the results showed that telling sexist jokes creates an atmosphere where violence towards women is tolerable or perhaps acceptable.  In a way, it doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve talked about language and equality in a previous blog … Continue reading

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Monkeys Understand Fairness and Cooperation

Everyone thinks humans are special because they’re the only species that understands fairness.  Think again:

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Book Review: Palestine Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter starts off by talking about the promises in the Camp David Peace Accords.  Egypt has fulfilled it’s promise; Israel, however, has not fulfilled it’s promise toward Palestine as was stated by the Camp David Accords.  From here, Israel … Continue reading

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Dogmatic Politics

I’ve never understood why certain positions automatically claims you in a political camp.  To me, this is very dogmatic.  Dogmatism just tells me that you’re not thinking about why you have the beliefs that you do, and that whenever someone … Continue reading

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