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Banning Trans Fats in California

Last Friday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill to make California the first state to ban trans fats from all restaurants and bakeries.  This would affect about 88,000 food outlets.  Last October, he also signed a bill banning trans fats … Continue reading

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“Herd” Believers

When it comes to faith and religion, I agree mainly with Kierkegaard (as was stated in my previous post) but I also agree with Nietzsche as well.  The way I see it, there are three different types of people when … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight and the State of Nature

I saw The Dark Knight in theaters last night and it was pretty good.  What really struck me was that each of the main characters took on a different position of each different philosopher. To start, the Joker was all … Continue reading

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US is falling on Development Index + Economics and Religion

We are living shorter lives, spend the most on health care than on any other nation, and a 25% of 15 year olds are at or below math skills internationally.  The article is here. The shorter life span has to … Continue reading

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Professionals vs. Kitch

I met someone new recently.  As with any new people, you ask him/her questions to get to know the person.  So I asked him, “what are you planning to do for a career?”  He said that he was aspiring to … Continue reading

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Kant, Mormons, and Pragmatism

I’ve only taught for about four years so this may not be a general thing.  I’ve noticed that when I teach Kant’s ethics, the people who are LDS don’t particularly like it.  Actually, the people who are very religious and … Continue reading

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Castle Doctrine: Shifting Burden of Proof from Shooter to the State

In November 2007, Joe Horn, citizen of Texas shot two intruders.  According to the Castle Doctrine, he had the right to do this.  If someone is breaking in your house or your neighbor’s house, you have the right to defend … Continue reading

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