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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 09/18/2011

Emotions New camera looks at faces and can detect when we’re lying just by our emotional appearance. Environment More evidence for evolution: Dinosaur feathers have been found stuck in amber.  It’s Jurassic Park style. Ethics Chart on abortion per state … Continue reading

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Who’s a Good Pick for VP in the 2008 Election?

Ok, it’s time to get political.  Who would you say is the best VP candidate for the presidential candidates this year? For the Republicans, I think the best choice that McCain can do is Mitt Romney.  He’s pretty popular in … Continue reading

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Kant, Mormons, and Pragmatism

I’ve only taught for about four years so this may not be a general thing.  I’ve noticed that when I teach Kant’s ethics, the people who are LDS don’t particularly like it.  Actually, the people who are very religious and … Continue reading

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