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Are military drafts unethical or immoral?

Someone posed this question to You can read the philosopher’s response here.  I thought the reply was interesting and I’m still pondering over it.  Basically, the philosopher replied saying that military drafts in democracies should be considered mandatory.  The … Continue reading

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Epicurus on Politics: So What?

Epicurus, known as the founder of Hedonism, says a lot about how the meaning of life is to aim for pleasure.  But this isn’t crude pleasure, these are the finest pleasures: music, intellectual creativity, food, friends and family.  When I … Continue reading

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Who’s a Good Pick for VP in the 2008 Election?

Ok, it’s time to get political.  Who would you say is the best VP candidate for the presidential candidates this year? For the Republicans, I think the best choice that McCain can do is Mitt Romney.  He’s pretty popular in … Continue reading

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The Worst of Crimes?

I’m thinking about what is the worst possible thing one can do.  I think there’s a disconnect between acting morally and acting legally. Legally speaking, the worst that one can do is murder.  Depending on the circumstances, one can get … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bonk by Mary Roach

I just finished Bonk by Mary Roach and what an interesting look at the technologies of science!  As some of you know, my specialty in philosophy is the philosophy of sex, love, and human relationships.  When I grabbed this book, … Continue reading

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Reparations for Slavery

This is posted at PEA Soup (a site dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and academia).  I will just present the argument here but if read the rest of the comments on the site, it’s interesting what the replies have been towards … Continue reading

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Teaching Methods

Some professors–particularly where the subject is open to interpretation like philosophy, humanities, ethics, or literature–push their views onto students.  I’ve also read that doing so helps the students to think for themselves because if the teachers pushes a viewpoint that … Continue reading

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Experts and Economics

Why do we trust experts?  I think the obvious answer is that it helps us live our lives practically.  We trust the doctor’s advice on medicine because we don’t have the time or the knowledge to know which medicines to … Continue reading

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