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Respecting the Soldiers

I have noticed an interesting, yet inconsistent attitude toward the soldiers by comparing the attitudes of today with the attitudes during the Vietnam era. Now both the Vietnam War and the current War in Iraq are unpopular wars.  But let’s … Continue reading

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24-Hour News Network: Where’s the News?

I enjoy Steven Colbert at The Colbert Report, and he said some interesting things to say about the 24-hour news programs when he was interviewed in Entertainment Weekly: There’s not more news now than there was when we were kids. … Continue reading

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The X Chromosome: Why Monogamy is Cultural and not Natural

A recent study came out which you can see here. It turns out the the offspring gets more of the mother’s genes than the father’s, a ratio of about 2:1.  Why so?  It’s because our ancestors long ago were not … Continue reading

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Election 2008

With the first debates over, I’m letting this post be open to discuss anything about the upcoming 2008 election.  You can discuss economics, foreign policy, health care, whatever. If you want, you can even discuss upcoming local and state issues … Continue reading

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Jefferson on Epicurus

Thomas Jefferson took his political writings from John Locke.  Locke said that we have natural rights to life, liberty, and property.  Well Jefferson liked that but he changed it to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Where did he … Continue reading

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Contract vs. Communicative Sexuality

I’m re-reading Lois Pineau’s article entitled “Date Rape: A Feminist Analysis.”  It talks about date rape and the legalities of the procedure.  The thing that really interested me was the end of the article where Pineau describes the difference between … Continue reading

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On Discovering Nietzsche’s Values

One of my professors from Utah State University has come up with an interesting thought experiment of discovering Nietzsche’s values.  I think it’s pretty good.  If you want to read go to the site to see other comments made on … Continue reading

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Compensating for Evil

An interesting article is at the Philosophers’ Carnival deals with compensating evil which you can read here.  The idea is this: if you’re working for an institution that makes you evil, are you aloud to get compensation because that institution … Continue reading

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Working out at the Office

It’s a desk that’s fitted onto a treadmill.  Interesting concept. You can see the article here.

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If only this advice could work. . .

Just STOP IT already!

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