Seriously, why isn’t America worried about. . .

THE TALIBAN!!  Based on all the newscasts, the Taliban are 60 miles away from Islamabad.  So far, I’ve only seen Anderson Cooper do a story on it.  As for the rest of the news programs, they only mention it at the ticker on the bottom.  This is a shame.  You can read the story here, but I want to add that this is seriously going to affect global policy if the Taliban makes it to the capital.

As the story suggests:

Some 400 to 500 insurgents consolidated control of their new prize, a strategic district called Buner, just 70 miles from the capital, Islamabad, setting up checkpoints and negotiating a truce similar to the one that allowed the Taliban to impose Islamic law in the neighboring Swat Valley.

However, the Pakistani government isn’t doing much of anything:

At the same time, the police and paramilitary forces have proved too weak to stand up to the militants. In Buner, desperate residents had resorted to forming their own militias, as much to keep out the military as the Taliban. That effort, too, has now failed.

If the Taliban reach the capital, they would have more power to enforce Sharia law and have a better outreach.  At the same time, guess how many nuclear weapons Pakistan has?  Exactly.  Why is it that when there are threats, no one pays attention?  Bin Laden made his threats to America in 1998, but no one listened (except for the Clinton administration, but everyone thought he was creating a diversion because of the Monica Lewinsky thing).  And now, the Taliban are threatening again, but alas, no one is paying attention (except for inside figures in Washington).

My prediction: if this keeps up, the Taliban will reach the capial by Christmas.  When that happens, India will go to war and from there, the world will start waking up again.  But let’s wake up now!  It’s scary stuff but no one’s paying attention.

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5 Responses to Seriously, why isn’t America worried about. . .

  1. thekillerj says:

    I didn’t think anybody WASN’T worried about the Taliban. The news is just super busy reporting on diseased Mexican pigs or something.

  2. shaunmiller says:

    It’s not just the news, but it’s the general American public. Seriously, no one knows about this and that’s what’s frustrating me.

  3. thekillerj says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised you are frustrated by the threat the Taliban poses. I still am surprised, however, that the majority of people are somehow in the dark about this.

  4. shaunmiller says:

    More news. Here, you’ll see that 75% of Pakistanis want Sharia law. Here, you’ll see that 84% of Pakistanis consider the US a bigger threat than the Taliban. Again, I’m not surprised, but still surprised that no one cares.

  5. Aubrey says:

    Those are frightening statistics. Part of the problem is that people don’t understand whats going on and everytime I have brought it up people seem to enjoy giving the ‘what-is-the-problem-again’ look. People don’t want to hear about it and want to forget it never happened, however this isn’t the sort of thing that can be pushed under the proverbial rug.

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