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For those who don’t think clearly. . .

“I have a right to own a gun because the constitution says so.”  — You’ve just embraced cultural relativism.   “God would never allow that.” — You’ve just embraced Divine-Command Theory.

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Evolution and Emotions

The prospect of evolution is that a new trait will be more adaptable for the species.  For example, imagination helps you survive because imagination helps you think of certain possibilities.  If you don’t have an imagination, then you have to … Continue reading

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What is Conservativism? What is Progressivism?

Here’s an interesting site where the author breaks it down into simplistic steps.  There are some that I wouldn’t agree with on what is conservativism.  It might make sense in today’s climate (and that’s what the author is saying), but … Continue reading

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How to Handle Iran

Fareed Zakaria on CNN had an interesting round table about Iran.  Two people were for reform and the other person was for attacking Iran.  I found all of them intelligent and they gave their case equally well.  What really intrigued … Continue reading

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