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Fareed Zakaria: Will the Republicans follow through?

Fareed Zakaria has a very nice analysis of what the Republicans should do after this midterm election.  Perhaps the best advice he could give: These are not political statements. They are mathematical ones, and it is on understanding math, not … Continue reading

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Newsweek (6/21/2010), and How to Help the Green Movement in Iran

Newsweek has some really good articles this week pertaining to the oil spill, charter schools, marriage and immigration laws.  I’ll bring them up and give my opinion on them as well: Fareed Zakaria talks about how the media is too … Continue reading

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How to Handle Iran

Fareed Zakaria on CNN had an interesting round table about Iran.  Two people were for reform and the other person was for attacking Iran.  I found all of them intelligent and they gave their case equally well.  What really intrigued … Continue reading

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