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Book Review: This Land is Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich

I just read This Land is Your Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich.  I was somewhat looking forward to it because I read another book of her’s, Nickel and Dimed.  I liked that book so I expected to like this one … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Passing Health Care

Many people are very happy about this new Health Care Bill.  At the same time, many people are skeptical and say that this will actually create more problems in the future.  To be honest, I’m actually torn.  I think both … Continue reading

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36 Arguments for the Existence of God (and it’s flaws)

Pretty cool site showing the arguments for the existence of God from the very beginning and various comments and replies that goes with it.  The author is Rebecca Goldstein.  She has also made a fictionalized book based on this stuff … Continue reading

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Two Book Reviews on Economics

If anyone knows me, I can’t stand economics.  I know it’s a practical field, but for me, it’s an abstract field unless someone can explain it to me through examples.  Luckily, I’ve come across two books that does just that. … Continue reading

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Geo-Medicine: A New Way to Help Doctors

Over at TedTalks, there’s a talk about combining geography with medicine.  It’s an interesting discussion.  Typically, we assume that our health is determined by a genetic makeup and our diet.  We don’t even look at where we live.  That is … Continue reading

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