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Book Review: The Rebel by Albert Camus, Part I: The Rebel

This really isn’t a book review per se, but since this is a challenging book, this review is more for myself.  It’s a restatement of Camus’ arguments and my own two cents.  So this will be a combination of a … Continue reading

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Marx’s Critique of the Liberal Notion of Freedom

I just finished Peter Singer’s Book on Marx.  I thought it was well-written and Singer does an excellent job of explaining Marx’s position and his overall philosophy.  In the end, Singer gives an evaluation of Marx and explains Marx’s critique … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cultivating Humanity by Martha C. Nussbaum

Throughout the midst of the culture wars, Martha Nussbaum gives a definitive account of reforming our liberal education from a classical point of view.  She boldly, yet cautiously defends the liberal education that is desperately needed in higher education.  What … Continue reading

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What War with Iran Means

by Pat Buchanan.  (Thanks to Prof. Hand for providing this link.) What an impressive article!  The comments at the end are enlightening as well.  Basically, Buchanan states that a war with Iran would be completely disastrous and it would just … Continue reading

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