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First-Order and Second-Order Actions

Or maybe this post should be called “First-Order and second-order Thoughts”?  I’m not sure where I’m going with this but this could relate with existentialism, stoicism, action theory, free will vs. determinism, the self and identity, epistemology, and countless others.  … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: What Went Wrong? and The Crisis of Islam by Bernard Lewis

Over this past weekend, I read two books by renowned scholar Bernard Lewis. First, I’m not a fan of his writing style.  It’s clear, but he talks up different paths and then he (hopefully) gets to reader to conclude where … Continue reading

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Fighting For Freedom?

We often hear that we must “Fight for Freedom.”  It’s practically saturated everywhere in our culture, especially right after 9/11.  But what does this mean?  Well, this statement seems to have the assumption that we are fighting for x.  Now … Continue reading

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