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Intelligence and Snobbery

We seem to say that being more intelligent is better.  After all, we’d rather be a society of education rather than one of ignorance.  But there’s a price with education, at least the academic kind that I’ve noticed. I think … Continue reading

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Newsweek (6/21/2010), and How to Help the Green Movement in Iran

Newsweek has some really good articles this week pertaining to the oil spill, charter schools, marriage and immigration laws.  I’ll bring them up and give my opinion on them as well: Fareed Zakaria talks about how the media is too … Continue reading

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Eternity and Death

I’m teaching World Religions this summer semester and I’ve been thinking about the notion of eternity and death, particularly dealing with one’s soul after death. Let’s start with the typical Western conception of an afterlife: as soon as you die, … Continue reading

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Personal Time Zones

In a fascinating talk by Philip Zimbardo, he discusses how different people, cultures, and geographical places have different personal time zones.  Through this, it explains why people get into conflicts and how we all view the world: For clarification, Zimbardo … Continue reading

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Steven Landsburg on the Oil Spill

Steven Landsburg makes some interesting points about the recent oil spill here, suggesting that we should actually be more concerned about the bailouts and federal spending, economically speaking. Quoting from the blog: Let’s try for a little perspective. The BP … Continue reading

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