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Continuing to Believe in Falsehoods

An article about two months ago in The New Yorker is about how and why people believe in false things. Specifically, how and why someone continues to believe in false things even if that person was shown evidence that the … Continue reading

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Preparing for Class this Semester

I’ll be taking Philosophy of Mind (maybe) and a Continental Class dealing with the boundaries of the self (for sure).  I saw this and thought it would be perfect to get me prepared for this class and help get me … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 08/13/2011

Economics College students using “sugar daddies” to pay off loan debt. Interesting patterns between being single, being married, and being obese.  The short answer is that if you’re a married man or a single woman, it pays to be obese. … Continue reading

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Conjoined Twins Sharing a Brain

A fascinating article about twins conjoined at the head which leads scientists asking whether they share a mind.  The girls are about three years old and if one senses an object, the other knows what the other is sensing!  How … Continue reading

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First-Order and Second-Order Actions

Or maybe this post should be called “First-Order and second-order Thoughts”?  I’m not sure where I’m going with this but this could relate with existentialism, stoicism, action theory, free will vs. determinism, the self and identity, epistemology, and countless others.  … Continue reading

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Eternity and Death

I’m teaching World Religions this summer semester and I’ve been thinking about the notion of eternity and death, particularly dealing with one’s soul after death. Let’s start with the typical Western conception of an afterlife: as soon as you die, … Continue reading

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