Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 11/07/2010

New studies show that alcohol is actually more dangerous than cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

When Mark Twain died, he left in his will that his autobiography should not be published until 100 years after his death.  Well, it’s now been 100 years.  You can now buy your copy and celebrate the genius of this literary man.

Finally, the Republicans took control of the House during the midterm elections.  Honestly, I’m satisfied with this election.  Why is that?  It’s because many key players on both parties are still in, but at the same time, the major Tea Party members are not.  I was worried that Sharon Angle of Nevada and Christine O’Donnell had a chance.  They didn’t win which I’m thankful about.  Unfortunately, Russ Feingold, whom I consider a very independent politician didn’t win.  However, two Republicans that did win, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Rubio from Florida, are Tea Party favorites.  However, I find both of them a refreshing need for the Republican party.  The Republican party has lost it’s focus because it has shifted from your typical American Conservativism, which has some of its roots in Classical Lockean Liberalism and Burkean Conservativism, into a unfortunate Religious Conservativism.  Rand Paul seems to be more in line with his father, Ron Paul which is the kind of conservativism I prefer.  It’s what I would call a typical Barry Goldwater Conservitivism.  I’m hoping that a Ron/Rand Paul type of conservativism is more common within the Republican party over the coming years.

Speaking of which, economist Steve Landsburg gives some advice to the incoming Congress.  The comments are worth reading through as well.

There’s a pair of conjoined twins but here’s a twist: they joined at the skull and at the brain. So are they two brains with two different personalities, thus two people?  Or is it one brain, meaning one person but has split personalities?  From reading it, one is thinking a thought and the other knows what the other is thinking.  One sees an object and the other grabs it.  Fascinating stuff on the philosophy of personhood!

And now for something cool, the fastest goalie I’ve ever seen:

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