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Dead Philosophers

I’m now a fan of Dead Philosopher Comics.  An example is below:

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Individual Houses Make Their Own Levees

The title says it all.  You can check out this gallery to see individual houses with their own levees.  Pretty cool!

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Neil Sinhababu is Fantastic

Neil Sinhababu is a philosopher at the National University in Singapore.  After going through his blog and listening to a podcast, and reading one of his papers on Possible Girls, he’s now become someone whom I frequently look up.  Sinhababu … Continue reading

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If You Ever Feel Lonely…

…just keep in mind that you have a possible partner in some modal reality. This paper is seriously impressive.  I don’t think I have actually laughed at a philosophy paper before, but the myriad of possible girlfriends (with and without … Continue reading

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Year One in the Ph. D. Program: Reflections

So my first year in the Ph. D. program is over.  It was exhausting and stressful, but overall I’m happy to get back into academia and learning new ideas.  First let me say what I’m enjoying so far. The City Milwaukee is very … Continue reading

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If I Ever Have Kids…

…this is the book I’ll read to them. Here’s a page from the book:

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Superman to Renounce his American Citizenship

In the latest comic book, Superman renounces his American Citizenship because he’s tried of being perceived as a political instrument for America.  I guess all super action heroes fight for justice no matter what the boarders are.

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An Argument For Requiring Philosophy in High Schools

A post at Ethical Realism argues that philosophy should be a required class in high schools which I agree.  He also makes a modest proposal in that philosophy doesn’t need to be a class on its own.  Rather, some of … Continue reading

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