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Some Transparency in Congress Please

A while ago, I wrote about J.S. Mill’s view of representative government and how Congress should be a true representation of the population.  Now there’s a graph representing this: Click on the pic above.

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Benatar Part Two: How Bad is Coming Into Existence?

In a previous post, I went over Benatar’s argument on why coming into existence is always a harm, even if there is a small amount of it. Now, I will look at his next chapter and see how he argues … Continue reading

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Go the F**k to Sleep as Read by Samuel L. Jackson

In a previous post, I wrote about child’s book entitled Go the F**k to Sleep.  Now, you can listen to it appropriately read by Samuel L. Jackson:  

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Conjoined Twins Sharing a Brain

A fascinating article about twins conjoined at the head which leads scientists asking whether they share a mind.  The girls are about three years old and if one senses an object, the other knows what the other is sensing!  How … Continue reading

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Benatar: Why Coming Into Existence is Always a Harm

This is an essay clarifying Benatar’s argument on why coming to existence is always a harm.  I will be concentrating on his book, Better to Never Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence, particularly on pp. 30-49. This the … Continue reading

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