Various Philosophers on Relationships: Polyamory, the Family, Friendship, and Singledom

This is my third, and possible last, installment on my interests in philosophy pertaining to the philosophy of love and sex.  My previous blog dealt with various philosophers on sex and the blog before dealt with various philosophers on love, flirtation, and marriage.  As before, if there’s anything that I need to add to this list, please let me know.

*=Really Good
**=Must Read

Polyamory, Open Relationships and Promiscuity

Familial Love



  • Loners Unite!  Eh, nevermind.  Anneli Rufus argues that being alone does not equal loneliness.  Indeed, she writes a manifesto about it.
  • **Bella DePaulo has really put this on the map and I’m hoping she will get more attention.  She argues that singles have been discriminated but this has been hidden and hiding behind the shadows that we simply take it for granted.  She tries to wake us up from our dogmatism of coupledom.  I think people have unfoundational anuptaphobia or monophobia.
  • Loneliness is not only a way of life, but it reveals something about the human condition.  For Thomas Dunn, being lonely is the modern individual.
  • A great, and very humorous article about how if one is lonely, you only need to think about your possible girlfriend and you’ll be ok again.
  • *Not about being single, but the DINK lifestyle is still against the grain in society that people regard childless couples as a non-complete relationship to the point where it’s almost like a “more committed” single lifestyle.
  • Essay on how being single benefits your relationships in the future.
  • Website dedicated to single studies.
  • Here’s another site dedicated to singles.

UPDATED: 8/31/11.  I’ve added an essay on how being single benefits relationships in the future.

I have also added Derrida’s Politics of Friendship.

UPDATED: 9/10/11. I’ve added an essay by Smilansky entitled “Is there a Moral Obligation to Have Children?”

There is a great analysis about the morality of having children by Kazez on her blog as well.

UPDATED: 9/16/11.  I’ve added an essay on how “stayover” relationships have become more popular among college students and college graduates.

UPDATE: 10/08/2011. I’ve added an audio clip on Aristotle’s view of friendship.

UPDATE: 12/17/2011.  Here is a site dedicated to single studies.  There’s also another site dedicated to singles.  

UPDATE: 12/23/2011.  Journal article suggesting that a triparenting model has more advantages than the traditional max-two parenting model.  Plus I’ve added more books about Polyamory and swinging.

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6 Responses to Various Philosophers on Relationships: Polyamory, the Family, Friendship, and Singledom

  1. aubreycierra says:

    There is so much here to read. I think I will be working my way through this information for some time. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Marcy says:

    Wow, thank you for all of the great information. Lots of stuff I am looking forward to reading. I don’t know how you find the time to update your blog, teach philosophy, and be a PhD student.

    • shaunmiller says:

      Hey Marcy, it’s good to hear from you again. Thanks for the comment. Let’s just say that I had a lot of free time this past summer. I hope that this information here will help you out.

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