Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Oct. 19, 2014)




  • Comic explaining how feminism helps everyone.



  • The Adultery Arms Race.  Technology is helping people have affairs discreetly, which makes technology catch up to keep tabs on partners’ whereabouts, which causes technology to hide those whereabouts, which causes technology…


  • Lab grown penises are in the works for men.  The purpose is mainly therapeutic to help people with congenital abnormalities, or who have undergone surgery for aggressive cancer or suffered traumatic injury.
  • A woman two years ago had a uterus transplant.  Recently, she gave birth.
  • Not sleeping enough (staying up for 17 hours straight) impaired performance in the same way as a blood alcohol level above the legal driving limit would (BAC 0.05%).
  • Looking at the color green before a working on a creative task can help with one’s creativity.



About shaunmiller

I am a Ph. D student at Marquette University. The primary purpose of this blog is to get my ideas out there, and then have other people scrutinize, critique, build upon, and systematize beliefs. This blog will sometimes pertain to what I'm learning in my classes, but it will occasionally deal with non-classroom issues that I'm thinking about as well.
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