Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 09/18/2011




  • Chart on abortion per state based on number of restrictions and categories of restrictions.  I was really surprised that Indiana had the most.



  • There’s some speculation that the reason why our fingers wrinkle up when they get wet is because it helps us grip things better when one is surrounded by water.
  • Re-engineering immune cells to attack cancer cells.  Simply amazing:

    “Doctors removed a billion of his T-cells — a type of white blood cell that fights viruses and tumors — and gave them new genes that would program the cells to attack his cancer. Then the altered cells were dripped back into Mr. Ludwig’s veins.  At first, nothing happened. But after 10 days, hell broke loose in his hospital room. He began shaking with chills. His temperature shot up. His blood pressure shot down. He became so ill that doctors moved him into intensive care and warned that he might die. His family gathered at the hospital, fearing the worst.  A few weeks later, the fevers were gone. And so was the leukemia.”

    The article continues by saying that Mr. Ludwig could hardly get out of bed, now a year later, he’s out playing golf and does yard work.  Again, simply amazing.

  • Bioethics professors offer $10,000 if anyone can prove Michelle Bachmann’s HPV vaccine story.


  • Answer is finally found to the question, what is love: 

Middle East

  • More than 90% of Afghans have never heard of 9/11, even after a decade of US troops being there [h/t Muhammad Harris]: 


  •  and you thought he was the most interesting man in the world.  Heh, this guy has got him beat by riding a horse, driving a race car, tagging a tiger, practicing judo, diving in archeological discoveries (and finds two archeological discoveries), looking at leopards, posing on a boat with an island in the background, arm wrestling at a youth camp, attempting to bend a frying pan, riding a snowmobile, flying a fighter plane, hugging a dog, riding a motorcycle in a bike festival, talking to climate scientists, looking at bears, riding a horse in Siberia, swimming the butterfly in Siberia, autographing for kids, shooting a whale with a crossbow, tagging a whale, playing the piano in St. Petersburg, feeding a moose, talking to the leader of a biker gang, steering a boat toward a bear, walking through brush with a gun, sitting in a tank, blacksmithing, playing hockey, going on an expedition for snow leopards, diving for almost a mile in a submersible, and finally adjusting his sunglasses at an air show.



  • Afraid that a vegan diet gets in the way of body building?  Here’s a site where you can have your (vegan) cake and eat it too.  (now in blogroll)

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