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Eternity and Death

I’m teaching World Religions this summer semester and I’ve been thinking about the notion of eternity and death, particularly dealing with one’s soul after death. Let’s start with the typical Western conception of an afterlife: as soon as you die, … Continue reading

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Exercising the Will

In order to get strong, you must exercise.  Here are some examples: If you want to be physically strong, you must do some sort of athletics such as lifting weights, running, etc. If you want to be mentally strong, you … Continue reading

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Marx’s Critique of the Liberal Notion of Freedom

I just finished Peter Singer’s Book on Marx.  I thought it was well-written and Singer does an excellent job of explaining Marx’s position and his overall philosophy.  In the end, Singer gives an evaluation of Marx and explains Marx’s critique … Continue reading

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; or Methods on Dying

Thomas Jefferson once wrote that we are endowed “with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  As I experience the world, there are certain people that consider one of these as having a … Continue reading

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Trying to Achieve Immortality Through Genes and Memes

How does one gain immortality?  There seems to be two ways: genes and Memes. In terms of genes, Richard Dawkins brings up some really interesting ideas about how genes work in his book The Selfish Gene. At some point in … Continue reading

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The Wishful Theist

Daniel Dennett in his book Breaking the Spell has talked about “belief in belief in God.”  What does that mean? People who believe in God are sure that God exists, and they are glad, because they hold God to be … Continue reading

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Original Sin as an Analogy to Moral Inheritance

In mainstream Christianity, there’s the concept of Original Sin.  Basically, Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge and all of human kind inherited this sin.  So we are sinful because of what our ancestors did a long time ago. Does … Continue reading

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A Contradiction in Sartre’s View of Love

Sartre has said that since we are free, there is no human nature.  Human nature means that you’re confined to a certain essence.  But if that’s the case, then we wouldn’t be free.  Basically, Sartre is pulling a Modes Tollens … Continue reading

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Religiosity in the US

In a previous post, I mentioned that most of the developed countries have seen religion as a thing of the past.  Most aren’t even religious.  The exception is the United States.  Out of all developed countries, we still have deep … Continue reading

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On Keeping and Dissolving Friends

This past week, I had the good fortune of seeing too good friends of mine.  I won’t give their names, but I’ll say where they’re from: Seattle and LA.  I first visited Seattle in a coffee shop.  She was friendly … Continue reading

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