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Ward Churchill was found Wrongfully Terminated

Taken from the NY Times which you can read here: A jury ruled Thursday that Ward L. Churchill, a former University of Colorado professor who drew national attention for an essay in which he called some victims of the Sept. … Continue reading

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An Inconsistency Within the Abortion Debate

I’ve been prepping up to teach abortion in my ethics class.  Teaching abortion is either really fun to teach, or really disastrous.  It’s one of those topics that can get into really heated discussions, which is the best in a … Continue reading

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Dogmatic Politics

I’ve never understood why certain positions automatically claims you in a political camp.  To me, this is very dogmatic.  Dogmatism just tells me that you’re not thinking about why you have the beliefs that you do, and that whenever someone … Continue reading

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Peter Singer on Ethics, Darwin, and Vegetarianism

Peter Singer was on Point of Inquiry for the last two weeks talking about Ethics, Darwin, and Vegetarianism. In Part I, he talks about various ethical issues.  This comes from the site: Peter Singer explores how controversial or compatible his … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

When I teach political philosophy, I usually include some test online to determine where one fits politically in America.  In the end, a student wanted to thank me for providing that test because she can now get more involved politically … Continue reading

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