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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Jan. 19, 2016)

Ethics A sobering idea that the reason we exist is because of some past tragedy.  As an example, the reason I exist is because of the Vietnam War.  Would you be willing to sacrifice your existence to prevent that tragedy? … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Aug. 23, 2015)

Emotion Meditation can help encourage compassion and empathy. Gender A really good essay about how and why gender norms influence our daily social structure and behaviors. Health Adolescents who have sleep problems are more likely to self-harm. Humor Teenage Karl … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (June 14, 2015)

Climate Change A website dedicated to getting 100% renewable, clean energy.  It was built by engineers. Ethics Paul Bloom argues that imagining the lives of others (what he considers as empathy) is harder than “if we rely instead on more … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 10/09/2011

Ethics A new game called SPENT puts you in the position of a person who’s going to be homeless person.  The makers of the game says that their goal is to challenge the way you think about poverty and homelessness.The goal … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 08/13/2011

Economics College students using “sugar daddies” to pay off loan debt. Interesting patterns between being single, being married, and being obese.  The short answer is that if you’re a married man or a single woman, it pays to be obese. … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 07/23/11

Economics An awesome, interactive way to balance the budget with very detailed information.  I played it, ending up with a surplus.  (Now in Blogroll) New study shows that penis size is linked with economic growth.  At first I was skeptical, … Continue reading

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Vermont is considering to Legalize “Sexting”

In a previous post, I talked about a new look at child pornography.  That post dealt with teens sending naked pics of themselves and Traci Lords.  Lately, Vermont is considering making “sexting” legal.  From the Huffingtonpost: Sexting refers to the … Continue reading

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Ward Churchill was found Wrongfully Terminated

Taken from the NY Times which you can read here: A jury ruled Thursday that Ward L. Churchill, a former University of Colorado professor who drew national attention for an essay in which he called some victims of the Sept. … Continue reading

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A New Look at Child Pornography

Think about why we consider child pornography wrong.  Legally (and morally), it’s because the child is being exploited.  However, the Supreme Court Case of Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition marked a significant change to child pornography. In the case, child … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria

I’m reading this book for a couple of reasons.  One is because I’m getting more politically involved and so I want to keep up with the political situation and see what other commentators are saying.  So I decided on this … Continue reading

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