Monkeys Understand Fairness and Cooperation

Everyone thinks humans are special because they’re the only species that understands fairness.  Think again:

About shaunmiller

I have just completed a visiting position as an assistant professor at Dalhousie University. My ideas are not associated with my employer; they are expressions of my own thoughts and ideas. Some of them are just musings while others could be serious discussions that could turn into a bigger project. Besides philosophy, I enjoy martial arts (Kuk Sool Won), playing my violin, enjoying coffee around town, and experimenting with new food.
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5 Responses to Monkeys Understand Fairness and Cooperation

  1. thekillerj says:

    Makes me crave some bush meat.

  2. Nancy says:

    i thought the main difference was demonstrable capacity for abstract thought. we know they can reason, plan, love, use tools, and mourn.

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