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Study: Conservatives Don’t Know that Colbert is Joking

Ohio University did a study, with math and numbers, that conservatives didn’t know that Colbert on the Colbert Report is joking.  You can read about it here, or if you want to read the actual study, go here. From the … Continue reading

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Seriously, why isn’t America worried about. . .

THE TALIBAN!!  Based on all the newscasts, the Taliban are 60 miles away from Islamabad.  So far, I’ve only seen Anderson Cooper do a story on it.  As for the rest of the news programs, they only mention it at … Continue reading

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I’m Staying for Another Year

Many of you knew that I applied to grad school this year.  After receiving a couple of acceptances, I have decided to defer once again and stay in Utah.  The decision was pretty much a financial one.  Because of the … Continue reading

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The Benefit of Dirtying your Hands

Today is the first day of mowing my lawn for the year.  I wasn’t too excited, but it needs to be done.  As I’m mowing the lawn, the mower gets clogged with grass.  I have to bend down, take out … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Dear Zachary

I haven’t done a movie review, but this movie was so powerful and well-done that I had to review it.  I literally cried during this and I hardly ever cry at movies. The movie starts off by introducing us to … Continue reading

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Dead Aid: Why Foreign Aid to Africa is Not Working

I haven’t read the book, but I would love to.  Unfortunately with my busy schedule, I don’t think I will for a while.  Perhaps if my students decide to talk about environmental issues and consumption, then I’ll quickly get it … Continue reading

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On Open-Mindedness

What does it mean to be open-minded?  There’s this assumption that to be open-minded, you must accept everything that comes your way.  People always say, “Well, you’re not being open-minded.”  But that’s illogical.  Being open-minded means that you’re open to … Continue reading

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Cosmos on Hulu

Carl Sagan’s show called Cosmos is on Hulu here.  All episodes are there.  Very remarkable!  Check it out.

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Tea Parties On April 15th

So today is tax day and many Americans are rallying around waters to rebel against the government by planning a tea party.  Supposedly, it’s supposed to copy the Boston Tea Party before the Revolutionary War.  To me, this is ridiculous.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Palestine Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter starts off by talking about the promises in the Camp David Peace Accords.  Egypt has fulfilled it’s promise; Israel, however, has not fulfilled it’s promise toward Palestine as was stated by the Camp David Accords.  From here, Israel … Continue reading

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