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If anyone says, “You Think Too Much”. . .

Just reply back: “Maybe you’re not thinking hard enough!”

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Zakaria on America’s Problem + 25 Things You Should Know

In this weeks Newsweek, Fareed Zakaria makes a great argument that America’s biggest flaw is that we can’t fix something, unless it’s a crisis. For example, when the economy started to burst, we immediately sprang into action and tried to … Continue reading

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Leveling Out the Equality Field: An Experiment in Human Nature

There are many theories about what is human nature.  Are we naturally selfish?  Altruistic?  Rational? Or just plain dumb?  Let’s see this from an economic standpoint.  There are some people that are poor.  On one side of the argument, they … Continue reading

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The World’s Worst Health Care Reforms

are apparently Russia, Turkmenistan, China, and the USA. You can read all about it here.  As the site says: The United States has the rare distinction of being both one of the world’s richest countries and having one of its … Continue reading

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Original Sin as an Analogy to Moral Inheritance

In mainstream Christianity, there’s the concept of Original Sin.  Basically, Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge and all of human kind inherited this sin.  So we are sinful because of what our ancestors did a long time ago. Does … Continue reading

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How Different Groups Spend Their Day

A very cool site that’s very interactive showing through graphs and stats about how people have spent their time in 2008.  Check it here.

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Peter Singer on Health Care

The ever controversial philosopher, Peter Singer has opined his view that we need to reform health care and fast. You have advanced kidney cancer. It will kill you, probably in the next year or two. A drug called Sutent slows … Continue reading

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Answers to US Health Care

BBC has provided answers, in clear language, about our health care system and the proposals to fix it.

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Sexist Jokes Provokes Tolerance of Violence Towards Women

In an interesting study, the results showed that telling sexist jokes creates an atmosphere where violence towards women is tolerable or perhaps acceptable.  In a way, it doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve talked about language and equality in a previous blog … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Statement on CNN’s GPS

This past Sunday on Fareed Zarkia’s GPS on CNN, Hillary Clinton said something that I found striking.  Indeed, it sounds similar to Rawls.  This is what she said roughly: There must be, what we would call a safety net, in … Continue reading

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