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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (April 12, 2016)

Advice A nice blog post about advice from Daniel Dennett on how to think philosophically. Art A cool photo project where you can see the borders between two, sometimes three, countries in Europe. Ethics Stoic spiritual exercises part i. Stoic … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Barack Hussein Obama.  Not many people emphasize the middle name.  But when they do, they really emphasize it.  This emphasis is also a disparaging or harsh tone.  This emphasis is usually from people that hate Obama.  Why is that?  Oh, … Continue reading

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Sexist Jokes Provokes Tolerance of Violence Towards Women

In an interesting study, the results showed that telling sexist jokes creates an atmosphere where violence towards women is tolerable or perhaps acceptable.  In a way, it doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve talked about language and equality in a previous blog … Continue reading

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A Conflict in Hume’s Ethics

Hume has famously said that “Reason is, and ought to be, the slave of the passions.” Later on, he also said, “You cannot get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is.’” Doesn’t the second statement contradict his first statement? Any Hume scholarships … Continue reading

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Daniel Dennett talks about Memes

Over at TED talks, philosopher Daniel Dennett talks about Memes.  What are memes, you say?  Imagine a parasite overtaking your brain.  Now this parasite makes you do things, not for your benefit, but for the parasite’s benefit.  For example, rabies.  … Continue reading

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Language, Offensiveness, and Equality

I’ve finished a biography of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.  Wittgenstein really sparked the idea of how language expresses how we see the world.  So language-users see the world when they use a different language, or as Wittgenstein would say, a “form … Continue reading

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