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Libertarians and Carbon Taxes

An interesting post arguing that libertarians should support a carbon tax.

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A Contradiction in Sartre’s View of Love

Sartre has said that since we are free, there is no human nature.  Human nature means that you’re confined to a certain essence.  But if that’s the case, then we wouldn’t be free.  Basically, Sartre is pulling a Modes Tollens … Continue reading

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Living Without Money

Daniel Suelo has been living without money since 2000. As he states: I’ve been totally without cents since Autumn of 2000 (except for 1 month in 2001). I don’t use or accept money or conscious barter – don’t take food … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

Recall Hurricane Katrina.  It was a disastrous moment that put people into shock.  Everyone was disoriented and confused in that situation.  But now imagine someone having the idea that this is the perfect opportunity to implement a new system.  Now … Continue reading

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Can’t Buy Me Love. . . Well, Almost

Here’s an interesting article that has calculated how much certain values we hold can be translated into a monetary value.  It’s in British pounds but we can still see some things having a higher number than others.  Perhaps this supports … Continue reading

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Religiosity in the US

In a previous post, I mentioned that most of the developed countries have seen religion as a thing of the past.  Most aren’t even religious.  The exception is the United States.  Out of all developed countries, we still have deep … Continue reading

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Skepticism and Libertarianism

At Point of Inquiry, Michael Shermer talks about the implications of skepticism and how it could lead one to a libertarian viewpoint.  It’s a good discussion which you can see here. On my perspective, I think a healthy dose of … Continue reading

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Have No Fear, a Nietzschian Diet Comes Your Way

I love the Onion News.  Read the new diet here.

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Teaching Help: Ethics of Belief

Ok, I need some help on my teaching methodology.  I haven’t had much of a problem in the past, but during this summer semester, I can’t get the class to get past idea of letting the evidence come to them. … Continue reading

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Capital Punishment and Compensatory Justice

For those who hold capital punishment is just based on retribution, it seems to suggest that logically speaking, you should also be for reparations for black people.  Let me show how: Retribution is basically stating that there is some sort … Continue reading

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