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Why Sex Education Needs Philosophy

I wrote a post explaining why sex ed needs philosophy. Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Nov. 3, 2014)

Death An advocate for right-to-die, Brittany Maynard, has ended her life from an incurable brain tumor. Drugs What happens when you decriminalize drugs?  You’d think drug use would go up, but it actually goes down.  Here’s a case study in … Continue reading

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Students in Lecture-based Classes Perform More Poorly Than “Active-based” Classes

This seems obvious, but now we have some science to back it up.  In many engineering, science, and math classes, active-learning has increased grades, sometimes half a grade from an A- to a B+.  From the article itself: Freeman and … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Oct. 1, 2013)

Economics Know your branches of economics. Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand are the happiest places on earth. Gender A new study reveals that watching porn makes one less supportive of affirmative action toward women. Tips for a male academic. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cultivating Humanity by Martha C. Nussbaum

Throughout the midst of the culture wars, Martha Nussbaum gives a definitive account of reforming our liberal education from a classical point of view.  She boldly, yet cautiously defends the liberal education that is desperately needed in higher education.  What … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned this Past Year — 2009 Edition

Instead of doing New Years Resolutions, I’ve decided to look in the past and see how I’ve learned.  To me, if one hasn’t learned things within the past year, then it’s as if one hasn’t gained wisdom.  And if that’s … Continue reading

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Teaching Help: Ethics of Belief

Ok, I need some help on my teaching methodology.  I haven’t had much of a problem in the past, but during this summer semester, I can’t get the class to get past idea of letting the evidence come to them. … Continue reading

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I’m Staying for Another Year

Many of you knew that I applied to grad school this year.  After receiving a couple of acceptances, I have decided to defer once again and stay in Utah.  The decision was pretty much a financial one.  Because of the … Continue reading

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Should I Show “Meet Your Meat?”

I’ve been thinking of showing this video that’s online called “Meet your Meat” to my ethics class.  You can google it.  Basically, it shows videos of how animals are being treated in farms.  They’re confined in small compartments, the chickens … Continue reading

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The Utah Junto

One of my former students, Jory Francis, has started a blog which brings up interesting discussions and debates about anything and everything you want.  You can even start your own posts.  His contribution is get a lot of people in … Continue reading

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