New Charts on Sexual Attitudes (4/21/2011) has some interesting charts on sexual attitudes.  It almost has a Freakonomics feel to it where two unrelated categories are all of the sudden related.  Some of it is fascinating, but others really make you scratch your head.  I’ll go through each chart and give my take on the trend.  I should warn you though that this may be complete speculation on my part.  If you have any other, or better explanations, please comment.

Chart #1:

So the pattern is that the more a woman likes to exercise, the more likely she can achieve orgasm.  To me, this makes sense.  If a woman likes exercise, chances are she’s more likely to have a release of testosterone and other happy brain chemicals during the exercise.  The release of chemicals makes her happy, thereby increasing her enjoyment of the exercise.  Well, sexual activity is also an exercise which seems to fool the brain into that same pattern.  The woman enjoys the activity, which thereby the brain releases more happy chemicals, which makes the woman happier, and so on on this feedback loop to the point where the woman can orgasm easier.  Again, this is my interpretation of it, and of course there will be many exceptions as the graph shows, but this is how I see it.

Chart #2:

Hmm. . . so this is interesting.  Why do men like rough sex more as they age?  This is my guess.  They’re unexperienced at the beginning, but because men are more risk-takers, they see the risk, they like it, and then they up the ante over time.  But what about woman?  Why do they peak at rough sex around age 20 then drop?  This is a good question, to which I don’t have an adequate answer to.  Any takers on explaining this?

Chart #3:

So why do vegetarians enjoy giving oral sex than non-vegetarians?  Well, vegetarians are usually against the grain of any typical society, especially America.  But more often, they are usually in the progressive camp.  Non-vegetarians typically don’t question the status quo, whereas vegetarians mainly do because there is a reason why one becomes a vegetarian.  Thus, the vegetarian has a skeptical bent toward other possible attitudes, such as sexual attitudes.  These different ethical standards has given them new perspectives on what is considered ethical and what isn’t.  Any form of oral sex doesn’t bother the vegetarian because this form of sexuality is ok for them.

Chart #4:

Those who use twitter are less likely to have lasting relationships.  Well, I think there are two reasons.  First, twitter users are more in tune with keeping their “fans” in touch with the twitterer.  So with more time dedicated to the fans, there’s less time to the relationship.  Second, twitter users may seek to establish more time with a fan in order to “upgrade” the relationship.  More time on twitter means higher chances of finding an “upgrade.”

Chart #5:

I have no idea how to explain this.  Perhaps twitter users are more often single (refer to chart #4) and so they are alone most of the time, hence they masturbate more.  But again, this is speculation.

Chart #6:

What really surprised me was the atheist and the Jewish portion?  I can see how lack of masturbation is correlated to religiosity.  But why is atheism so low?  Indeed, Christian males are more likely to masturbate than their atheist counterparts.  It seems that the women in both camps masturbate roughly the same percentage.  Again, I have no idea.

Chart #7:

Unfortunately, you’ll have to click on the site itself because it’s a dynamic chart.  I’ll give my explanation however with one of their graphs:

I can understand the sex drive getting lower with age, but why do curvy woman feel confident and have a higher sex-drive than thin woman around age 30?  My guess is that they are comfortable with their bodies by this time, and that comfort zone increases their libido, which in turn, increases their self-confidence.  This feedback loop increases that overall.  The thin woman has always been static and hasn’t had much to do about being comfortable about one’s body.  Again, this is just speculation.  Perhaps the word “curvy” suggests some overtones as well.

Chart #8:

The chart above is for men.  They all roughly start the same way, but the thinner one is, the more likely that he will reach self-confidence and a higher sex drive sooner.  This makes sense to me.

Chart #9:

Unfortunately, you’ll have to click on the site to look at this graph because it’s interactive.  Basically, the higher your college tuition, the more likely you’ll want to have sex per week.  So how does that correlate?  My guess is that for men, they’re paying a lot more money, they’re more stressed out, they need sex to relieve the tension.  For women, a more expensive college means one gains a liberal education (in the non-political sense) which means it’s a better college which means better sex education.

Chart #10:

Again, it’s a dynamic chart.  But there’s a correlation in different countries of the world where a higher GDP percentage means one is more likely to find casual sex.  So finding casual sex is not just related to religion or culture, but how much that country is making?  To me, this makes sense.  I did a book review on Marriage by Stephanie Coontz and during the great depression, hardly anyone had kids.  Why is that?  It’s because everyone had to work and no one had time for sex or love.  So correlate this to other countries, it makes sense.  On the graph, Switzerland is the highest and Ghana is the lowest.

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3 Responses to New Charts on Sexual Attitudes (4/21/2011)

  1. thekillerj says:

    Non vegetarians don’t challenge the status quo? I see what you’re getting at, but that’s a pretty broad statement. haha I think vegetarians like oral due to some hidden libidinal drive for meat satiation. Darwin.

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  3. C T Hippenhammer says:

    #2: Men need more friction as they get older. I don’t understand the female response on this chart.

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