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What will future generations think of now?

Steven Landsburg did an interesting post on what future generations will think of past generations.  Here is it verbatim: Future generations will look back with bemusement on a time when airline passengers couldn’t pay extra for a flight that’s guaranteed … Continue reading

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Benatar Part Four: The “Pro-Death” View

In part one, I looked at Benatar’s argument for why coming into existence is always bad. In part two, I looked at Benatar’s argument on how bad coming into existence really is. In part three, I looked at Benatar’s anti-natalist position … Continue reading

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The O’Reilly Defense and No Comments

There’s an interesting article about the Tiller murder.  More precisely, it’s about how the legal team is going to defend Scott Roeder, the murderer of the abortionist George Tiller. From the article: “It’s a variation of a Twinkie Defense,” said … Continue reading

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Being vs. Doing Again: Application in Ethics

I previously posted a blog about Being vs. Doing. It was dealing with how people looked at the world and weather a “being” philosophy has a higher status than a “doing” philosophy, or vice-versa.  I think this would also apply … Continue reading

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US views of Abortion Have Shifted to Pro-Life

. . . for the first time in 15 years.  The majority of Americans have typically been pro-choice since Roe v. Wade (except for a few moments during the Regan administration).  But a recent poll which you can see here … Continue reading

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Benefit of the Doubt: An Inconsistency in the Pro-Life Abortion Movement AND the Environment

I’ve come across another inconsistency.  Let me be clear.  I’m not saying that the pro-life movement is itself inconsistent.  Nor am I saying that anything within environmental ethics is inconsistent either.  Taking them both together, however, is where the inconsistency … Continue reading

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An Inconsistency Within the Abortion Debate

I’ve been prepping up to teach abortion in my ethics class.  Teaching abortion is either really fun to teach, or really disastrous.  It’s one of those topics that can get into really heated discussions, which is the best in a … Continue reading

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Palin’s View on Abortion

Gov. Sarah Palin has received a lot of heat for being really extreme on her view of abortion. Just to recap, Palin’s view is that abortion is impermissible except for cases where the mother’s health or life is on the … Continue reading

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Personal Morality and Public Morality

I am a demi-vegetarian.  If you want to know more about it, read my previous post here.  When I go out to eat, I try to find something that’s vegetarian or something as close as I can based on my … Continue reading

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