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Jeremy Bentham Hinted that Jesus was a Homosexual

Jeremy Bentham is well-known for promulgating utilitarianism.  Through this ethic, Bentham endorsed many things such as equality for women, abolishment of slavery, and opposing capital punishment.  He also applied utilitarianism when it came to sexual matters.  For example, an early … Continue reading

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Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage, Part Three: Should Marriage even Exist?

I have started to think about the latest SCOTUS decision regarding Obergefell v. Hodges and I’ve had three thoughts about this issue.  They aren’t conclusive, but merely a starting point to continue thinking about these issues. In part one, I looked … Continue reading

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Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage, Part Two: Should New Relationships Be Legitimate?

In part one, I discussed the relationship between the government and marriage and I showed that I was torn between the last two options, but with an inclination toward the second option.  In this post, I’ll be looking at different … Continue reading

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Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage, Part One: The Relationship Between the State and Marriage

On June 27, 2015, SCOTUS brought forth a ruling in a 5-4 decision.  The case was Obergefell v. Hodges, which declared that marriage was a fundamental right guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. First, let me say that … Continue reading

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Data, Graphs and the Same-Sex Marriage Case

Wow!  There are 21 graphs that detail the same-sex marriage case along with public opinion and the Supreme Court.  You can even play around with the data.  Really fascinating.

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Nebraskan Woman Sues All Homosexuals

A woman from Nebraska is calling herself the “ambassador” for plaintiffs “God and His Son, Jesus Christ.”  She is suing all homosexuals on Earth for breaking “religious and moral laws.” The docket is entered as Driskell v. Homosexuals where the “ambassador,” Sylvia Ann … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Apr. 5, 2015)

Animals Cats relax to music, especially classical. Drugs There’s an association between long marijuana usage in teens and a smaller hippocampus.  In short, the more you smoke marijuana as a teen, the more likely your long-term memory will be affected. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Not the Marrying Kind: A Feminist Critique of Same-sex Marriage

The review isn’t on this blog.  I’ve submitted a book review to a journal which you can see here.  Enjoy!  Note:  I’ve written a lot more, but I wanted the review to be concise yet informative for the publisher.  If … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Nov. 10, 2013)

Abortion Why the Pro-Life movement needs some philosophy. Advice Kareem Abdul-Jabar’s advice for boys becoming men. Anti-natalism Another site dedicated to the childfree lifestyle. Education U.S. Catholic schools are no better than public schools. Environment What would the world look … Continue reading

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Book Review: Minimizing Marriage: Marriage, Morality, and the Law by Elizabeth Brake

Marriage these days is confined to two people and the usual arrangement is between a man and a woman.  Lately, there has been growing acceptance of same-sex relationships and thereby same-sex marriage.  But anything more than this is going “too … Continue reading

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