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Capital Punishment and Compensatory Justice

For those who hold capital punishment is just based on retribution, it seems to suggest that logically speaking, you should also be for reparations for black people.  Let me show how: Retribution is basically stating that there is some sort … Continue reading

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Being vs. Doing Again: Application in Ethics

I previously posted a blog about Being vs. Doing. It was dealing with how people looked at the world and weather a “being” philosophy has a higher status than a “doing” philosophy, or vice-versa.  I think this would also apply … Continue reading

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Capital Punishment and Economics

Whether you’re for or against the death pentalty, everyone agrees that to execute a prisoner is much more expensive than life imprisonment.  Life imprisonment is about $800,000 per person.  To execute, it costs $2.3 million.  So executing a prisoner is … Continue reading

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Systems vs. Individuals: Is the Fault of Morality within the Institution or without?

I haven’t fully developed this line of thought, so I’m only presenting something that I’ve observed rather trying to make heads or tails of this. Many people have looked at certain institutions and claimed that the institution itself is to … Continue reading

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