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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 08/28/2011

Arts Wow!  The photo below was made by this camera:  Economics A revealing study shows that economic declination is inversely proportional to the length of women’s skirts.  In other words, when wealth declines, the girls skirts get shorter. Philosophy Plato may … Continue reading

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First Semester is Done!

Well, my first semester as a Ph. D. student is done and although I am excited that I’m back in academia as a student, I’m also relieved that it’s over.  I’m not sure how to take this first semester, so I’ll just … Continue reading

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Book Review: Socrates in Love by Christopher Phillips

There are two types of philosophy books.  There are the serious types that you typically read in philosophy classes and that professional philosophers read.  They present problems in philosophy and are asked to be taken seriously.  Then there are the … Continue reading

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The Ideal School

In The Republic, Plato came up with the ideal government. Obviously, it won’t happen, but one main feature is his critique of democracy. Some of them aren’t too impressive, but one that has always caught me is that there are … Continue reading

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