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What if we treated ordinary consent like we treat sexual consent?

Here’s a great comic satirizing our normal, everyday consent as if we treated them like sexual consent.  What’s the message?  Raise the bar of sexual consent! I got the comic here.

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Is There Such a Thing as “Good” Sexual Objectification? (Part One)

It is assumed that sexual objectification is morally wrong.  To be clear, sexual objectification is to treat someone as an object of sexual pleasure—in short, a sex object.  So to make sure one is not sexually objectifying another person, or … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today (Nov. 3, 2014)

Death An advocate for right-to-die, Brittany Maynard, has ended her life from an incurable brain tumor. Drugs What happens when you decriminalize drugs?  You’d think drug use would go up, but it actually goes down.  Here’s a case study in … Continue reading

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