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Book Review: Polyamory The New Love Without Limits by Deborah Anapol

Blah, blah, blah.  I was kind of excited to read this book to know more about the polyamorous lifestyle.  I was kind of disappointed though because the material seemed to be common sense for someone who wants this type of … Continue reading

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Daniel Dennett talks about Memes

Over at TED talks, philosopher Daniel Dennett talks about Memes.  What are memes, you say?  Imagine a parasite overtaking your brain.  Now this parasite makes you do things, not for your benefit, but for the parasite’s benefit.  For example, rabies.  … Continue reading

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Peter Singer on Ethics, Darwin, and Vegetarianism

Peter Singer was on Point of Inquiry for the last two weeks talking about Ethics, Darwin, and Vegetarianism. In Part I, he talks about various ethical issues.  This comes from the site: Peter Singer explores how controversial or compatible his … Continue reading

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Anne Phillips on Representative Democracy

At, Anne Phillips argues that in this day in age, direct democracy is impractical.  There are just too many people.  Thus, we must have a representative democracy: having certain people represent us because of our interests.  Ok.  So far, … Continue reading

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Language, Offensiveness, and Equality

I’ve finished a biography of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.  Wittgenstein really sparked the idea of how language expresses how we see the world.  So language-users see the world when they use a different language, or as Wittgenstein would say, a “form … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

When I teach political philosophy, I usually include some test online to determine where one fits politically in America.  In the end, a student wanted to thank me for providing that test because she can now get more involved politically … Continue reading

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