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Why is Global Warming a political issue?

I can understand why these big issues become political.  I understand why abortion is a political issue.  I get that.  I understand why the war in Iraq is a political issue.  And I can certainly understand why freedom of speech … Continue reading

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An Inconsistency Within the Abortion Debate

I’ve been prepping up to teach abortion in my ethics class.  Teaching abortion is either really fun to teach, or really disastrous.  It’s one of those topics that can get into really heated discussions, which is the best in a … Continue reading

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Loving Who You Are vs. Loving What You Do

When it comes to love, it seems to be the exception out of all emotions.  After all, it makes sense to be angry, sad, or joyful for a few minutes, a couple hours, or even a full day.  But with … Continue reading

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Book Review: Socrates in Love by Christopher Phillips

There are two types of philosophy books.  There are the serious types that you typically read in philosophy classes and that professional philosophers read.  They present problems in philosophy and are asked to be taken seriously.  Then there are the … Continue reading

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Israel and Hamas: What counts as Victory?

There’s an article at the Christian Science Monitor about what each sides constitutes victory.  This fight looks pretty serious and there hasn’t been this extreme kind of fighting since the 80’s. The article is interesting because it looks at both … Continue reading

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Dogmatic Politics

I’ve never understood why certain positions automatically claims you in a political camp.  To me, this is very dogmatic.  Dogmatism just tells me that you’re not thinking about why you have the beliefs that you do, and that whenever someone … Continue reading

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